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Charity Fundraising

If you represent a Charity wishing to operate your own Tribute Fund Scheme please visit

Nominating a charity to support

The MuchLoved Partner programme also allows Grief Support organisations who are not charities, to nominate a charity to support. This option simply promotes the charity to your members, who can then choose to raise in memoriam donations for your suggested charity.

Increasingly, people wish to remember their loved ones with a commemorative website that raise money for good causes in their memory, whether by requesting In Memoriam donations in lieu of flowers or carrying out a range of tribute fund activities such as sponsored runs or walks.

People that create Tributes via our MuchLoved Partners web pages can still opt to fundraise to support a charity but the partner can nominate a default Charity to support themselves.

Supporting Fundraising-in-Memory for a charity is a great way for Grief Support organisations to help the people they work with translate the tragedy of a death in to a positive force for good that helps the living. The activity of fundraising has also been proven to have very beneficial effects for the bereaved and helps them channel their grief in to a rewarding and positive pursuit.

When you become a partner we give you a special link to MuchLoved to put on your site. When a visitor follows this link and creates a MuchLoved tribute, they are guided through 5 simple set-up steps; the first of these asks them if they wish to raise donations for your charity.

Tribute creation wizard, step1

When a memorial accepts donations the visiting donor will be given information about your organisation and a link to your website, before being directed to the CAF processing service (or your own system if selected).

A tribute donation page